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Heap Ag Service, LLC is dedicated to the success of agriculture in the Mid-West.  We are primarily interested in the needs of landowners, tenants, and other individuals making agricultural decisions.  Our most important objective is to assist these entities in maximizing profitability and efficiency through the use of sound managerial, marketing, and investment techniques.



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Two Certified Crop Advisors to handle your service call needs.

Marketing consulting  you gain the most profit and offset your risks.
bulletCash Merchandising
bullet Basis Management
bullet Hedge-to-Arrive 
bullet Selective Hedging: Long and Short
bullet Futures
bullet Energy Hedging: Cross hedge for fuel and fertilizer consumption
bulletInterest Rate Hedging

Crop Insurance:
Consulting to help you make the right crop insurance decision.  We understand agricultural risk management and can help you match the right crop insurance product to your risk management needs. 

35 Years Hedging
30 Years Teaching
30 Years Managing customer grain/Inventory Sales
12 Years Crop Insurance Service/Agent

Helping farmers to make sound management decisions for their farming operation. We will come out to your field to analyze your specific needs.

Crop Scouting Specialist:
Cropland Scouting and Consulting
Chase Heap, CCA/Owner
(319) 572-3846 
Email: cheap_05@hotmail.com

Meter Max: 
Precision calibration of planter seed placement. 

Seminars given on request. 

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